Our Philosophy

More Artistic, More Functional.

We aim to design and sell ever-increasingly artist

The product image we desire is as follows,

  • There is joy in simply having our products, and one's heart overflows just by looking at them.
  • The products are functional and easy to use
  • The products are novel and highly original.

We strive to be a group of companies that gives high satisfaction to our customer and also ourselves as the seller through product discovery, design, and development activities operating under this philosophy.


Business Overview

Import Business

Following our management philosophy, we selectively choose and import original artistic and functional products from other countries.

When choosing a product, we repeatedly consider whether or not the customer will find the product useful and be satisfied with it. We only offer products that we are confident with.

Original Product Development

We design and develop products that can enrich our customers' ideal lifestyles.

Wholesales and Retail Sales

We do wholesales and retail sales mainly for our imported products and the products we design and develop



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